February 17, 2010 JBC made a presentation for Japan Trip
JBC made a presentation to Owen students for runoff election for the GBA(Global Business Association)'s fall trip location. Final candidate locations are Russia and Japan. Following a brief explanation about reasons why Japan is chosen as a candidate location by Ms. Heather Graham of GBA, five of JBC members, Hiro, Toshi, Tom, Nobu, and Hide described overview of Japan, Japanese culture, companies to be visited, and so on. Audience paid great attention to speech and cool slides. JBC had tried to make Japan trip take place in 2007, but it couldn't. JBC will fully cooperate with GBA to realize the trip if Japan is elected.

 Japan Trip Presentation

February 6, 2007 Joint Seminar 2007 - collaborated with the WORLD BANK INSTITUTE
CGP/CEPEX Joint Seminar 2007 collaborated with the World Bank Institute was held at Vanderbilt University (JBC actively joined this event). Tsutomu Shibata from WB Institute addressed the Japan’s economic development in the 1990s labeled as “A lost decade”. This new WB report suggested that the Japanese experience offers useful insights into our understanding of a knowledge-based economy. 

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January 11, 2007 JBC collaborated on the explanatory meeting for Japan Trip
The explanatory meeting for Japan Trip, which was made a proposition by an American student having worked in Japanese company and familiarity with Japan's culture, was held in Owen. JBC is now actively bearing a part of this proposal. Although the Japan Trip has not yet decided to taka place, many students joined the meeting and engaged in a lively free Q&A session. If the plan was realized, it would be the first school trip to Japan over a long period of Owen history.


November 8, 2006 JBC Speaker Series: NISSAN

JBC welcomed Mr. Dominique Thormann, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance in Nissan North America to Owen. Mr. Thormann gave us a special lecture; “Working Across Cultures in a Global Company” in Averbuch filled to capacity.


Displayed cars          In the Dean's office     Presentation


Capacity crowd          Q&A                       Recruiting event


Vanderbilt University released news of this event. Click here for the details.

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November 8, Dean Jim Bradford visited Asian countries
From September 8 to 21, Dean Jim Bradford made a trip to Asian countries, such as Japan, Hon Kong, Shanghai, Thailand and South Korea. The purpose of this trip was to strengthen a network between Owen and Alumni, Asian universities and companies. Jim met many old JBC members during this trip.

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October 11, 2006 Japan Speaker Caravan
At Vanderbilt University, the National Association of Japan-America Societies organized the “Japan Speaker Caravan” with the cooperation of the Embassy of Japan, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and the Consulate-General of Japan, New Orleans.  Distinguished people from the government and business fields addressed crucial issues facing the U.S. and Japan as they navigate, as partners and competitors, the dynamic political and economic landscapes of the Asia Pacific Region. JBC worked with the association for this event, hoping that this would be one of the best opportunities to widen and deepen our understanding of the U.S. – Japan relationship.

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March 31, 2006 JBC participated in "Spring Fling
"Spring Filing", the event for children in Owen Community was held and JBC actively took part in this event. JBC introduced some Japanese culture, such as Origami and Kamishibai (picture-slide show). JBC is very proud that it is acting not only for the students but also for the whole Owen community. 
March 30, 2006 Team Japan took the first prize in Global Food Festival
Global Food Festival hosted by Global Business Club was held in Owen. Seven teams such as Japan, India, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii and USA competed in a food contest, providing their courtiers' traditional dishes. Team Japan, with a cooperation of students' wives, provided mainly yakisoba, rice ball, and many Japan's traditional dishes. By a voting from faculty members, team Japan won the contest. JBC was very glad to the result as well as have been able to introduce Japan's dishes to the Owen community.
February 23, 2006 Japanese Cultural night and SUSHI Party

Global Business Club and Japan Business Club co-hosted the Japanese Cultural Night & SUSHI Party with much participation at Owen. Participants could enjoy the presentation about Japan's culture, Japanese traditional drum performance, the presentation about Japanese company and Sushi-making demonstration.


Averbuch                 Presentation            Drum Performance


Standing Ovation      Sushi demonstration   Sushi time!

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