Every academic year the Owen Entrepreneurship Center (OEC) hosts and coordinates student team projects offered by businesses from all over the world. The OEC assigns a faculty advisor to each student team project.

The students participate in the project in place of enrolling in a conventional classroom course in the MBA program. If the business is considering hiring MBA students, the project lets the business observe the participating students in action on the job.

Students work remotely (at the Business School) and keep in contact with the sponsoring business via email, telephone, and videoconferences. The students use resources provided to them by the business, the Walker Management Library’s online resources, and the Business School faculty.

Most sponsoring businesses will either visit the students on campus during the duration of the project or fly the students to the business’s site.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the project program.

 What are they?
Student Team Projects are well-defined projects sponsored by companies throughout the US for teams of Owen students. The projects always cover topics of high interest to the sponsoring companies’ executive management teams.

 When do these projects take place?
Projects usually begin with the Business School’s academic semesters – in late August and at the beginning of January. Participating businesses should complete project abstracts (descriptions) for the fall semester by the beginning of August. They should complete spring semester project abstracts by the middle of December.

 Do the participating businesses compensate the student team?
No. The participating student team receives course credit for successful completion of the project. The sponsoring business recommends ‘course’ grades for the student team.

 How much time does a student spend on a project?
Every participating student invests a minimum of 10 hours per week on the project. Likewise the sponsoring company should count on investing time with the students – answering questions, offering guidance and feedback on their work.

 How many businesses participate in this program?
Although we screen the projects coming in from businesses, we end up with more available projects than participating student teams – resulting in a very competitive situation for the businesses. The students select the most attractive projects.

 Who should I contact to discuss student team projects?
Contact Germain Boer,
Professor of Management and Director of the Owen Entrepreneurship Center
Email: germain.boer@owen.vanderbilt.edu
Telephone: 615.322.2059

Owen Graduate School of Management, 401 21st Avenue South, Nashville TN 37203. TEL: 615.322.2534