Mike Shor: Research

Industry Concentration in Common Value Auctions: Theory and Evidence
with Vlad Mares
Economic Theory (2008, Vol. 35 No. 1, pp. 37-56)
Auction Models
with Luke Froeb
In John Harkrider, ed., Econometrics: Legal, Practical, and Technical Issues, ABA Section of Antitrust Law (2005, pp. 225-246)
Information Concentration in Common Value Auctions
with Vlad Mares
Mergers in Auctions with an Incumbent Advantage
with Luke Froeb and Steve Tschantz
Local Preference in Municipal Audit Markets
with Karl Hackenbrack
An Experiment on Strategic Capacity Reduction
On the Competitive Effects of Bidding Syndicates
with Vlad Mares
A Laboratory Test of an Auction with Negative Externalities
With Aniruddha Bagchi
Decision Making & Learning
An Experiment on Learning with Limited Information: Nonconvergence, Experimentation Cascades, and the Advantage of Being Slow
with Eric Friedman, Scott Shenker, and Barry Sopher
Games and Economic Behavior (2004, Vol. 47 No. 2, pp. 325-352)
Rethinking the Fairness Hypothesis: Procedural Justice in Simple Bargaining Games
Experiments on Bargaining Games with a Pivotal Player
with Luke Froeb
  • In progress
Learning to Respond: The Use of Heuristics in Dynamic Games
Age Effects and Heuristics in Decision Making
Choice Overload and Loss Aversion in Multi-Attribute Decision Making
with Tibor Besedes, Cary Deck, and Sudipta Sarangi
  • Working paper coming soon
Confusion from Profusion: Decision-Making with Many Options
with Tibor Besedes, Cary Deck, and Sudipta Sarangi
  • Working paper coming soon
Electronic Markets
The Physician-Patient Relationship: The Impact of Patient-Obtained Medical Information
With Bin Xie and David Dilts
Health Economics (2006, Vol. 15 No. 8, pp. 813-833)
A Game Theoretic Model of E-Marketplace Participation Growth
With Michael Galbreth, Salvatore March and Gary Scudder
Journal of Management Information Systems (2005, Vol. 22 No. 1, pp. 295-320)
Product Adoption and Profitability in an Industry with Malicious Market Players
With Michael Galbreth
Copying of Information Goods: the Effect of Network Structure on Firm Profits
With Michael Galbreth
Price Discrimination through Online Couponing: Impact on Purchase Intention and Profitability
With Richard L. Oliver
Journal of Economic Psychology (2006, Vol. 27 No. 3, pp. 423-440)
Digital Redemption of Coupons: Satisfying and Dissatisfying Effects of Promotion Codes
With Richard L. Oliver
Journal of Product & Brand Management (2003, Vol. 12 No. 2, pp. 121-134)
Induced Over-Benefiting and Under-Benefiting on the Web: Inequity Effects on Feelings and Motivations with Behavioral Implications for Consumption Behavior
With Richard L. Oliver and Simon Tidd
Motivation and Emotion (2004, Vol. 28 No. 1, pp. 85-106)
Decentralization, Transfer Pricing, and Tacit Collusion
With Hui Chen
Contemporary Accounting Research (forthcoming)
Investing in Forecast Collaboration
with Mumin Kurtulis and Beril Toktay
Game Theory .net
Journal of Economic Education (2003, Vol. 34 No. 4)
Generating Random Sequences
Journal of Online Mathematics and Applications (2001, Vol. 1 No. 3)