Mike Shor: Humor

Generic Recommendation Letter

Dear (Choose One):

        a. Scholarship Place 
        b. Graduate, Medical or Law School
        c. Faceless Corporation
        d. Overseas Study Program
        e. Overseas Volunteer Program
        f. Overseas Mercenary Program
        g. Other ____________________________

        I highly recommend _(Insert Name)_________________  for whatever 
it is that you do.  They are extremely qualified for that kind 
of work/study/grant money/civil war.  He or she is very bright, 
motivated and personable as well as (check all that apply):
        ___ computer literate           ___ dedicated
        ___ insightful                  ___ easily dominated
        ___ generous                    ___ artillary functional
        ___ lugubrious                  ___ conscientious
        ___ moral                       ___ lacking a conscience
        ___ amoral                      ___ punctual
        ___ verbose                     ___ translucent
        ___ ethereal                    ___ ephemeral
        ___ salacious                   ___ chummy
        ___ oily                        ___ linear
        ___ greedy                      ___ eager to the point of annoyance

        If you have any questions, I'd invite you to please call me
but since I hate being bothered with such pointless inquiries I'll 
refrain from including my number.