Mike Shor: Humor

Top 10 new IRB-required additions to consent forms

  1. You might die at any moment.
  2. The experimenter could be mentally undressing you.
  3. By not being home to answer your phone, you could be missing a chance to win a million dollars.
  4. If there is a God, s/he knows that you participated in this study.
  5. Participating in this research is onerous, harmful, and repugnant.
  6. Because there is no free will, you cannot really consent to this study.
  7. If at any time in the future you decide to withdraw from the study, the experimenter will retract all publications based on your data.
  8. Being paid to do this study is not a benefit to you, because money is the root of all evil.
  9. Everything the experimenter tells you is probably a lie, including this.
  10. You may not participate in this study.