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Assistant Professor of Finance

Owen Graduate School of Management

Vanderbilt University




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Working Papers

·"Training the Doubtful and Timid", with Alex Stomper, Working paper, 2014.

·"The Cross-Section of Labor Leverage and Equity Returns", with Andrés Donangelo, Francois Gourio, and Matthias Kehrig, Working paper, 2016.

· "General Equilibrium Asset-Pricing Implications of Mobile Human Capital", with Esther Eiling and Andrés Donangelo, Working paper, 2010.

· "Macroeconomic announcements and Firm-level Risk Characteristics." Working paper, 2011.

· "Measuring Aversion to Debt: An Experiment among Student Loan Candidates", with Gregorio Caetano and Harry A. Patrinos, Working paper, 2012.

· "Labor Income and the Cross Section of Asset Returns." Working paper, 2006.  See abstract.

Books and Monographs

· Investing in Human Capital, A Capital Markets Approach to Student Funding. Cambridge University Press, 2004.

· Investing in Emerging MarketsThe Research Foundation of AIMR, 2003.  With Robert Bruner, Robert Conroy, Wei Li, and Elizabeth O’Halloran.


Selected non-academic publications

· “A Better Way to Finance that College Degree", Op. Ed. with Andrew P. Kelly. The Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2014.

· “Investing in Value, Sharing Risk; Financing Higher Education Through Income Share Agreements", American Enterprise Institute Series on Reinventing Financial Aid,2014.

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· “Equity-like Instruments for Financing Education”,Cato Institute Policy Analysis Paper No. 462. 2002.

· “Human Capital Contracts and Human Capital Options. Characteristics, Valuation and Implementation”. Darden Graduate School of Business Administration Working Papers 0014, 2001.