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Our Constitution:

  • Article I: Club Name: Vanderbilt Innovate.  This organization shall be housed within the OSSA (Owen School Student Association) organization within the Owen Graduate School of Management.  Vanderbilt Innovate will meet all guidelines outlined in the Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management Student Club Guidelines as directed by OSSA.
  • Article II: Vanderbilt Innovate seeks to foster original thought in a stimulating environment comprised of individuals from all facets of our community and to strengthen the ties to make ideas become a reality.
  • Article III: The membership of the organization including (1) “innovators” shall be members who meet the minimum membership requirements set below.  “Master innovators” shall be members who meet all requirements of “innovators” as well as participate in a minimum of five seminars or brainstorming events sponsored by Vanderbilt Innovate.  “Master innovators” shall be given privileges to facilitate brainstorm sessions and lead seminar sessions; (2) all students in good standing within Vanderbilt University shall be eligible for membership.  Vanderbilt Innovate shall not discriminate based on race, sex or religious preferences.  Members shall be those who submit dues to Vanderbilt Innovate and participate in a minimum of three Vanderbilt Innovate activities throughout the year, and (3) Membership dues shall be $25 per academic year and will be collected primarily during August and September.  Those interested in joining Vanderbilt Innovate after the initial membership registration period shall be permitted to join throughout the year at a rate to be determined by Vanderbilt Innovate leadership.
  • Article IV: Vanderbilt Innovate shall elect a minimum of three leaders to guide the organization each March (no later than the third week of Mod IV).  Leaders shall assume the responsibilities typically found within the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer found in other campus organizations and spelled out in the Student Organization Manual.  Leaders shall be nominated by the membership.  Members may nominate themselves for leadership election consideration.  At least one of the leaders will be appointed to the Chief Innovator role to assume responsibility for oversight of the entire Vanderbilt Innovate organization.  Co-Chief Innovators may be elected as needed.  Additionally, a faculty advisor shall assume the roles and responsibilities of the faculty advisor as described in the Vanderbilt University Student Organization Manual.  Should any leader become academically ineligible to continue in leadership, that person shall be immediately relieved of his/her responsibilities in the organization and a replacement member shall be nominated and elected by the membership at the earliest possible date.
  • Article V: Vanderbilt Innovate may hold meetings that may include but are not limited to brainstorming sessions, teaching seminars, and general informational and business meetings (1) meeting schedules shall be tentatively set no later than the end of the 2nd week of the fall and spring semesters, (2) special meetings may be called for by members with the approval of leadership and/or the faculty advisor, (3) meeting notices shall be posted to Vanderbilt Innovate’s website, and (4) a quorum shall consist of a minimum of five members, including one leader or faculty advisor.  One leader or faculty advisor shall guide the meeting proceedings.  Minutes of the meeting shall be documented by a member designated at the start of each meeting.
  • Article VI: All administrative authority and responsibility of Vanderbilt Innovate shall be held by leadership and the faculty advisor.
  • Article VII: Organization committees may be formed to perform specific functions of Vanderbilt Innovate as determined by membership and approved by leadership.  Members may offer a suggestion for a committee to leadership.  If committee is approved, a “lead committee innovator” shall be appointed by leadership and members selected to serve on committee.
  • Article VIII: Questions regarding Vanderbilt Innovate may be freely directed toward leadership at any time two or more leaders are present to hear the concern.  Should the question require a decision by leadership, the member may request a special meeting with leadership to hear the question and make the necessary decision.
  • Article IX: All amendments and changes to this constitution shall be approved by a majority of current leadership.  Any member may propose a new amendment for consideration by leadership.  This constitution shall be read by membership each year at the first business meeting of the academic year.