Mike Shor: Media Mentions

Also See Media Mentions for Game Theory.net.

Wall Street Journal

More MBA programs embrace game theory

2 April 2006

CBS Marketwatch (Net Sense)

Happy anniversary Internet bubble

10 March 2005


Codes of conduct

February 2004

Internet Retailer

When discounts drive customers away

1 MARCH 2003

Internet Retailer

Discount prompts at checkout drive buyers away, says new study


CBS Marketwatch

Teenage wasteland: The best tech investments have yet to be born

9 APRIL 2002

La Vanguardia

Locura y equilibrio del premio Nobel (Madness and Equilibrium of the Nobel Prize)

17 FEBRUARY 2002

CBS Marketwatch

Investors aren't buying dreams: But VeriSign needs to keep defining the future

29 JANUARY 2002