Game Theory

Spring 2011 Grades

You may look up your grade and how it was calculated using your vunetid and the last four digits of your social security number. (Note, some foreign students may have a "903-00-XXXX" number or other student id. Use this). You will see your grade for the last two cases and the final exam, and the constituent parts of the grade: Finally, you will see your course average. Grades are generally assigned on the following scale:

Grading System
93 A SP
90 A- HP
87 B+
83 B PA
80 B- LP
77 C+
73 C
70 C- LP or F
60 D or F F

Your grade may be higher than indicated by the above scale if, in my opinion, a course component substantially misrepresents your overall course performance.  

Grade Lookup

Enter your vunet id (lower case) and the last four digits of your social security or identification number. Note: access is logged, and this may be used to access your own grades ONLY.

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