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Some Economist's (also some who are co-authors' ) web pages:
Hui Chen
Menzie Chinn
Bradford DeLong
Barry Eichengreen
Mara Faccio
Jeff Frankel
Amar Gande
Nelson Mark
Helen Popper
Nouriel Roubini
Andrew K. Rose
Shang-Jin Wei
Ya-wen Yang
My work at BEPress.com; at SSRN; at EABCN; and to the Owen School

Sources for Current Macroeconomic Data:
World's Central Banks
International Monetary Fund
IMF Staff Country Reports
Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
US Economy: Business Cycle Indicators
Dr. T's EconLinks.com
Daily Exchange Rate Histories from Around the World

Capital Ebbs and Flows
Quantitative Ease by Carola Binder

Affiliations (past & present):
Clausen Center for Int'l Business and Policy
Euro Area Business Cycle Network
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Goethe University
Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research
Indiana University
Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies (Bank of Japan)
Institute of Business and Economic Research (UC Berkeley)
International Monetary Fund
Study Center Gerzensee
South African Reserve Bank
University of California, Berkeley
University of Kentucky
Vanderbilt University

My Favorite Artist:
Art of Margie Manyik

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